High-Quality Roofing Services From The Experts At Home ER

Let’s face it: the weather in Florida can be more than a little unpredictable. From hurricanes to blazing hot summers, the weather can have a substantial effect on your roof.

At Home ER, we understand just how hard your roof works for you. That’s why our team is dedicated not only to providing top-notch customer service, but also ensuring your roof is well taken care of for years to come.

In every job we do, our roofing contractors put their backs into the work to ensure your roof receives the tender, loving care it deserves.

Roofing Services We Offer

At Home ER, our roofing services can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Roof Repair. From minor to major roof repairs, our roofing contractors are fully equipped to handle all your needs. With our years of experience, we’ve seen it all. So you can rest assured that nothing will scare us, and we’ll get your roof back to full health in no time.
  • Roof Maintenance. Keeping your roof in tip-top shape, and looking great for years to come, is best accomplished through routine maintenance. This will help us catch smaller issues before they become bigger ones and end up costing your more in the long run for repairs.
  • Roof Replacements. If your roof is merely in need of repair work, you can expect us to be honest. We won’t try to sell you costly roof replacements just to make a quick buck. However, there are times when replacements give you more bang for your buck. Especially if you’re continually sinking money into repair work.


What Sets Home ER Apart From The Rest?

When you work with Home ER, our goal is to make you completely comfortable with the entire roofing experience.

Over the many years, we’ve spent serving St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas with our home renovation services, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories. From people who receive shoddy workmanship to folks who end up paying for thousands of dollars. Frankly, it disgusts us. That’s why we seek to do things differently.

That’s why our services begin and end with you. Rather than coming to you with an expensive roofing package your home doesn’t need, we’ll do a thorough examination of your roofing needs and sit down with you to discuss them. That way you know exactly what you’re getting and why.

Give us a call or fill out our convenient online form to get started. We look forward to meeting you!