For many years, if you wanted to remodel your home, you would need to get dressed up, go to the bank and sit down with a loan officer. Not only was this process invasive, but if you were lucky, it might only take a week or two hear back from the bank! We have a solution for all this nonsense and we have several options available to you.

At Home ER, when we aren’t daydreaming about your home improvement project…we are researching the best financing options for our clients. We have the best relationships with our lenders and a team of experienced finance gurus at your service. From perfect credit to no credit, to bad credit…we can and will help. What used to be a horribly tedious event, now typically takes less than 15 minutes, and can be done from the comfort of your home!

Some home improvement projects aren’t planned, especially air conditioners that always seem to break down at the worst times. This is why all of our financing plans require zero money down and we offer loans up to $100,000, which would get you one heck of an air conditioner! We also have no interest financing and no payment for a year options.

Renovating your home is a smart thing to do, especially if you are hoping to add value long term. Don’t let your fear of the cost be the reason you don’t make your home perfect. Many projects are probably much more reasonably priced than you expect. If you do need financing help, we offer both low-interest loans and budget-friendly plans. Don’t be scared by the thought of financing! Let our team of high-level experts come to your rescue.

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