At Home Energy Renovations, we understand the complex situation that we find ourselves in with COVID-19. All of us need to limit our personal contact and practice social distancing for our benefit and for the benefit of others. We also understand that your life does not stand still and your home needs do not magically disappear. You still need air conditioning to keep your home cool and the air clean. You still need a solid, dependable roof over your head.

That’s where we can help.

All of our sales staff and tools are geared to help you get the same high quality service that you have received from us in the past. We can do all of our pricing and financing remotely. With roofs and package AC’s we can install without you ever having to come into contact with a soul. When we do have to get into your attic or closet for a handler, we take great precautions to make sure that we are sending healthy installers to do your work who are careful with their interactions with you, the consumer.

I have five children and I know that whoever I am coming into contact with, my kids are coming into contact with as well.  We want to be careful and provide that same kind of peace of mind for you. We know that we are in this together.