General Manager

Even though Matt Cook is one of the founders of Home Energy Renovations, you will more often than not find him climbing through customers’ attics or crawl spaces looking for clues!

Matt has been known to “spend the night” at a client’s home until the real problem has been identified and a solution has been prescribed. His philosophy is that every home is unique; therefore every solution needs to be tailored, and anything less is malpractice.

Something you will never need to ask Matt is where he is from. He is proudly from Grand Rapids, Michigan; but fell in love with Florida’s climate and moved here 7 years ago.

When Matt isn’t studying air flow charts or energy consumption graphs, he spends his time finding deals on hotels in Orlando where he takes his family to Disney or Universal Studios.

Matt’s problem-solving ability, relentless energy, and sense of humor have positioned him as a leader in the home improvement industry for almost two decades.