Project Manager

With a long history of helping to make dreams come true, Tampa native Gina Cook brings insight and a creative approach to financing your home improvement needs.

An expert in every available lending source, Gina comes armed with 16 years of consumer finance experience and extensive training and education in the HVAC and Home Improvement industry. This has quickly made her a customer favorite. We are not exaggerating when we say that banks love her and you will too!

Working mostly from customer referrals Gina has helped thousands of home owners save money on their energy bills and make necessary upgrades to their most valuable asset, their home!

We get a ton of testimonials and feedback about how personable and funny she is. It is truly her belief that the process of making home improvements not only can be, but should be…fun.

When Gina isn’t solving the world’s energy consumption problems, she can be found antique hunting with her husband, tickle fighting with her 5-year-old, or cheering her 7-year-old on at the ballpark.