Air Conditioning

Shopping around for a new air conditioning system can be challenging, intimidating, and scary. With so many options and prices available we understand how easy it is to become paralyzed, we call this “analysis paralysis”. Choosing the right company is critical; the quality of the installation determines not only the efficiency of the system, but also how many years you may expect it to last.

There are a lot of shortcuts in this industry but we refuse to take any of them! Choosing the right brand and installing it correctly requires a company that is dedicated to its customers. Our goal with each and every client is to improve your lifestyle by providing you with a system that will give you perfect air to breathe inside your home and, of course, save you money.

An air conditioner is responsible for so many things other than keeping your home warm or cool. Your AC system is the first line of defense when it comes to allergies, dust build-up, humidity concerns, and even unpleasant odors.

Let our team of high level experts guide you through the process and tailor fit what is right for your home.

Duct Work

Often overlooked, the duct work in your home plays a critical role in your comfort, your health, and your electricity bill.

According to Energy Star, 60% of your electricity bill is dedicated to keeping you cool. The air conditioner can only be as efficient as the duct work allows it to be. Common problems with existing duct work include poor air flow design, wrong product, incorrectly installed, rodents, mold, or just an old, leaky, and tired system.

When engineered correctly, and installed by professionals, you should expect your duct system to last a couple of decades. We take air-flow and duct design seriously and we bring that level of dedication and experience into your home.

Solar Energy

Energy costs are dramatically increasing every year. This fact, coupled with the increased viability and affordability of solar energy makes this decision easier and easier. You no longer have to merely dream about solar energy. You can choose to stop investing in your local energy company and begin to invest in YOUR home and YOUR future. Most people immediately schedule a consultation when they hear about the benefits and cost savings of solar energy. With the cost of installing solar energy panels at an all time low, allow Home ER to walk you through this simple process by scheduling your consultation now.


Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home from the extreme conditions that Florida weather brings. It also can provide a beauty and visual aesthetic that makes your home stand out. Horror stories abound when it comes to roofing, so WHO installs your roof is absolutely critical. It requires experience, dedication and, as corny as it may sound- love, to make your roof last as long as it should and, at the same time, look beautiful for decades. And we protect you by not sacrificing the quality of the product and installation just to give you the cheapest price. Your home is too important.


In addition to saving money on your energy costs, insulation has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to your home.

  1. The amount of insulation in your attic is critical in determining the life expectancy of your roof and will keep your shingle warranty valid.
  2. Properly installed insulation will lower your energy bill.
  3. Properly installed insulation is an acoustical and an insect/rodent barrier for your home.
  4. Most importantly the correct amount of insulation will keep you comfortable and healthy in every room of your home.

Insulation is one of the most affordable improvements you can do to protect one of your biggest investments…your home. There are many types of insulation and several different applications and we are experts in determining which option is best for your home.

Windows & Doors

Windows are tough because there is so much confusion in the home renovation world regarding the topic. It’s not about misinformation, it's about too much information. This is our perspective: whether you pay $300 or $3000 per window, it is worth every penny. The challenge is figuring out which window is right for you. There is an enormous disparity in window pricing, therefore we will help you discern what is best for your home, your circumstances and your budget. The correct window, professionally installed, makes a huge difference in the comfort, the beauty and the affordability of your home.

Water Heaters

Did you know: water heaters account for nearly 17 percent of a home’s energy use, consuming more energy than all other household appliances combined? If you're not sure whether to go with a tankless or conventional water heater, schedule an appointment.


We have in-home designers on staff for all your siding needs. Whether you want to upgrade your existing siding or need to put a fresh coat of paint on what you have, we have consultants who can advise you in this process.

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