Give your house a physical

Home ER is a company you can trust. Have you ever taken your car in for an oil change only to have them come back with a list of 10 things you need to do right now or your car is going to explode on the way home? That is effective…in the short run. But that is not us. We are not going to sell you windows if you don’t need windows or scare you into an air purification system when that is not your problem. We spend time with you, understanding your desires, your
dreams and your issues. We get up on your roof, crawl into your attic and do what is necessary to figure out what would help you and your home best. Then we prescribe affordable solutions for you, once we know you and your home. Your home is one of your biggest investments and we treat it as such. We are not afraid to sweat to earn your business, just ask the hundreds of customers we have already helped.

Safe & Easy Financing

Paying cash is great. We do accept cash, oddly enough. Sometimes, though, financing is the best option for you. That is why we have a plethora of financing options for you. Yes, we used plethora and yes we like to prove how smart we are. Anyway, financing can be tough, but not with us. In most cases, if you own a home get you approved within 15 minutes if you have great credit, if you have bad credit, if you have no credit. It has to be affordable or we haven’t done our job. We respect you, your privacy and your dignity while we sit at your dining room table and help you be able to afford what you desperately need.

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